Solar energy — simplified.
No roof installation, no
upfront investments.
Just savings.

100% Renewable

By subscribing to a local shared solar farm for your electricity needs, you help better the environment and reduce your community's carbon footprint.

No unsightly panels

Enjoy all the benefits of solar energy without any installation or upfront investments.

Save up to 10%

Stay with your existing utility and get the same familiar invoice. Pay as little as $0.90 for every $1 of solar energy credits generated on your behalf.

Support your community

Going solar helps support renewable energy in your local community and helps with future solar farm development. Win-win.

How it works. (Yes, it's that simple.)


The sun emits 3.86 x 1026 watts of energy every second.

Solar Farm

The solar farm captures this energy and converts it into consumable electricity.

Electric Grid

This electricity is then delivered to your local power grid that powers your home.

Your Home

Your home receives energy from your utility as usual.

Electric Bill

The solar credits generated on your behalf appear directly on your electric bill.

Got questions?
Luckily, we’ve got answers.

Who is Solar Simplified? +

Solar Simplified is a platform that matches renters and homeowners who care about the environment and want to save money on the electricity bill with local solar farms. We take the hassle out of supporting renewable energy and make the sign-up process easy and transparent!

What is Community Solar? +

Community Solar is a government incentive program where electricity customers virtually subscribe to receive solar energy credits from a solar farm located within their utility. An estimated 85% of U.S. residents can neither own nor lease rooftop solar panels due to their roofs being physically unsuitable for solar energy production and/or due to living in a multi-family housing unit. Customers purchase these credits at a discount to its face value, and the credits are then used to offset a portion of their electric bill, up to 100%.

Will I save money? How much will this cost? +

Yes. You will reduce your monthly electric bill with Solar Credits. Each month the respective solar farm will advise your utility company of the amount of solar electricity production to be allocated to your bill from the solar project. For example, these credits are applied against the customer’s electric utility (NYSEG, Central Hudson, etc.) bill. Solar Simplified works with developers that sell these subscription credits at a discount (usually up to 10%) meaning that for every $100 electricity bill, utilities will receive $100 worth of credits which will cost the subscriber as little as $90 (a $10 discount).

Community Solar sounds too good to be true. How do I know that this isn't a scam? +

Community Solar is not a scam! Community Solar was created by New York State Energy Research & Development Authority ("NYSERDA") and overseen by the New York Public Service Commission in efforts to allow for all residents to have the ability to support solar energy initiatives. Visit NYSERDA’s website at to learn more.

Does it cost anything to enroll? Are there any cancellation fees? +

There is no cost to enroll, you simply pay as you go! If you are not 100% satisfied, you may cancel at any time without penalty. Am I required to switch electricity providers? No. Your utility, or your current alternative electricity supplier, will continue to supply and/or deliver electricity to you without any interruption to your service.
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Aside from being 100% clean, Solar Simplified has stellar customer service and great rates! They also provide useful tools to help keep customers’ usage efficient.

Adrienne B.
Ithaca, NY

Really love the whole Solar Simplified experience. Low price, great flexibility, fantastic customer service, and fantastic overall experience.

Brian M.
Binghamtom, NY

I'm so glad that I signed up. It makes me feel good that I can help a little bit by cleaning up our air. I hope more people take a stand for clean air now and for our future.

Patricia R.
East Aurora, NY

Ready to help the environment?

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