Why Community Solar?

An estimated 85% of U.S. residents can neither own nor lease rooftop solar panels because their roofs are physically unsuitable for solar, or because they live in multi-family housing.

Community Solar is a state-specific government incentive program whereby electricity customers subscribe virtually to receive solar energy credits from a solar farm located within their utility area.

The customer purchases these solar credits at a discount to their face value - up to 10% - and these credits offset a portion of their monthly electric bill.

How it Works

Getting started couldn’t be easier!

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Billing. It's that easy.

The solar credits will appear directly on your electricity bill, offsetting a portion or all of your energy consumption.

You will continue to receive your electricity bill from your utility with a credit line showing the solar credits applied to your bill, as well as a monthly bill from Solar Simplified for the discounted solar credits.

Solar Simplified will charge you as little as $0.90 for every $1 of solar credits produced on your behalf. You save 10% percent on every solar credit!

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